How Asset Tracking Saves You Money?

Asset tracking is a lot of work and can be a pain in the neck. Recording important information such as vehicles and types of equipment you have, maintenance needs, what is in transit, what has been lent out, and trying to keep up with everything, to which most will agree, is a colossal task indeed.

Asset tracking has evolved over the years and if you are using pen and paper, or multiple spreadsheets to manage your equipment, there’s a huge risk that you might overlook a lot of costs in terms of money, time and not to mention keeping up with the competition.

Devices such as Matrack’s Weatherproof Hardwired (a generic name is MA-HW Silver) takes the heavy lifting out of asset tracking management saving you time and money. MA-HW Silver will send you alerts such as overspeeding, Ignition ON/OFF, TOW, Geofence, low battery alerts in real time to your phone as SMS or email alerts. Watch over your assets easily and maximize their efficiency with real-time reports and analysis. Use the information, determine your fleet’s fuel costs and vehicle maintenance needs while having the peace of mind that your drivers are always on task.  This will save you valuable time for audit reports and help keep track of paperwork.

Finally, monitoring and cutting idling can lead to a greatly reduced fuel cost, which is around $5,000 to $12,000 worth of fuel per year! It can also decrease maintenance costs for your fleet by $2,000 per vehicle, per year, and significantly minimize wear and tear.

Matrack understands that Time is Money. 

Want to know how you can save more money? Refer to MaTrack for more details.

The 3D Entertainment Of The Future

When someone mentions 3D movies, we think of walking into a theater and sliding on our perhaps, “not so stylish and not so comfortable” 3D glasses.  But what if 3D movies could be viewed from any seat of a movie theater, without the inconvenience of the awkward 3D glasses?  Well, the possibility is just around the corner.

The technology is actually already available for certain video games like Nintendo’s 3Ds. But it requires the viewer to be sitting in one single position, which obviously isn’t possible in a movie theater, where the audience is dispersed over a large seating area. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working around this problem by using a multi-parallax barrier, in which each viewer receives a different image tailored according to his or her exact angle or distance from the screen.

While this technology is still in the early phases, it may not be long before we can watch a 3D movie glasses-free so hold on to your seats and be ready to enjoy the thrill of the future!

Check it out and watch this video on YouTube

2 Best Way For Truckers To Stay Connected To Family

Been on the road for days, weeks, or even months without seeing your family?  According to an FQA on Trucking Truth, “Most drivers start their careers over-the-road, getting home every 4-6 weeks or so.” Sadly, this can be detrimental to truck drivers’ relationships with their spouses and children.  According to a survey by the Census Bureau, in which they tracked the divorce rates for each of roughly 500 occupations, the divorce rate for truck drivers is at a shocking 44%.  Considering these alarming statistics, it’s crucial for truck drivers to stay connected to their families; especially while on the road, to ensure happy relationships with their spouse and children. Here are two fun and easy ways to stay connected to your family:

Share photos on Social Media

Sharing photos and writing posts will let you know what’s going on in your family’s life and your family will get a glimpse of your life on the road as well. This will create a mutual understanding between you and even improve your relationship with your family overall. Here are some fun ideas of photos to take while traveling:
  • Beautiful Scenery
Take pictures of nature; lakes, rainbows, open prairie, mountains and more.
  • Famous Landmarks
Make sure you get a snapshot of The Statue of Liberty, The Golden Gate Bridge or other well-known landmarks to share with your family.
  • The Driving Cab
Most importantly, take pictures of yourself inside your truck’s cab. This will give your family the real experience of how it is on the road. It will also help them understand your profession and the joys and challenges that come along with it.

Make Daily Phone Calls

Never underestimate the power of a phone call. While texts and Facebook posts can be sent on the run, making a phone call requires intention and adds value.  With modern technology in our hands, we can even make video calls and be face to face with our loved ones.  Seeing your little boy or girl’s face light up when he or she sees you will make your day.  Just because there is nothing pressing to discuss doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t call.  According to Psychology Today, having good support from family can even help your job. “High levels of social support predict more job satisfaction and longer job tenure than low levels of social support.” Here are a few easy topics of conversation for your calls:
  • Work/ School
Inquire how your partner or child’s school or work day went.  If they have good news to tell you, then express your happiness for them.  If they had any difficulties, share their frustrations with them and offer possible solutions to the problems.  Also, let them know how your day on the road went. Tell them about interesting things that you saw while driving or about the challenges you faced that day.
  • Anniversaries, Birthdays and Holidays
It can be hard to keep up with important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays while traveling.  Set reminders on your phone so you make sure not to miss out on calling your family on these important days to share in their joy with them.
  • Weather
Talking about the weather may have the reputation as being one of the most maligned conversational starters but it can be a great way to ease into a conversation.  Ultimately, the weather affects each and every one of our lives; especially truck drivers’ who are out there in the elements on the road.  So let your family know what is going on for you; whether it’s a snow blizzard or scorching heats. This will help you to unburden the stress that goes along with driving in extreme conditions and also will keep your family assured that you are safe despite the weather. We hope these tips will help you stay connected with your family even while on the job.  Just because there are miles between you doesn’t mean that you are far apart at heart.  By sharing photos and posts and keeping up with daily phone calls, you can stay up to date with everything in your family’s life and share your journey with them as well.

Solar Power Expands To Semi-Trucks

Decreased costs are only one of the many benefits of solar energy. You can also improve your health and protect the environment by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels by installing a solar energy system trucking system for trucks!

Most of us have heard of solar-powered stoves, homes, and even solar-powered cars.  Now solar technology is moving onto something even bigger; semi-trucks.  Implementing solar power in the trucking industry, by attaching light- weight flexible panels to the tops of semi-trucks and trailers could improve working and living conditions for drivers on the road.

Mounting solar panels on trucks can generate enough electricity to help power heating and air conditioning systems, lift-gate operations, internal and external lights, refrigeration and telematics systems.

Since solar power would be channeled to maintain the trucks battery HVAC system, truckers more have more freedom in using appliances such as electric blankets, televisions, coffee-makers, electric shavers, and slow-cookers.

Check out this great video on YouTube about using solar panels on semi-trucks for truck tracking.


3 Easy Ways For Truck Drivers To Bring Healthy Food On The Road

About to head out on a routine cross country truck drive?  While on the road for such long hours, it often seems nearly impossible to find nutritious and healthy food to eat.  Fast food and gas station hallmarked soda, chips and candy seem to be most of what’s available.  But what does this mean in the long run for truck drivers’ health as a whole?  Statistics from the National Institute of Health show that more than 50 percent of truck drivers are obese compared to the national rate of 26.7 percent.  Also, compared to the general population, the prevalence of diabetes is 50 percent higher.

The best way to ensure healthy eating habits is to start your journey prepared and bring your food along with you.  It will improve your health and even save you money!  A healthful diet includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and starches, good fats, and lean proteins.

Here are some easy ways to fulfill those requirements and bring healthy meals on wheels!

3 Ways to Bring Healthy Meals on the Road:

  1. Pack food that needs refrigeration in a cooler

Before you hit the road, prepare and pack any food that needs to be kept cool, in a cooler with ice in re-sealable plastic bags.  You can also bring the individual food items along and prepare meals as you go. Change out the ice in the cooler whenever needed at most any gas station to keep the food fresh.

Here are some healthy options:

  • Sliced Wholegrain Bread
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Cheese and Yogurt
  • Sliced low-fat Meats
  • Raw Veggies and Dips
  • Fruits
  1. Use a Thermos for hot foods.

Thermoses can easily be bought online or in most major grocery stores.  They can be used either for keeping pre-journey cooked food hot, or even for cooking your own food on the go!  There is a variety of healthy, dry packaged foods that only require boiled water and a thermos to cook up a yummy hot meal.

Here are some ideas:

  • Instant Oatmeal
  • Quinoa flakes (a great source of protein)
  • Powdered Soups (without preservatives)

It’s simple, just pick up some hot water at the gas station and you have a hot, healthy, delicious meal in minutes!

  1. Bring your own condiments.

Preparing your meals on the road doesn’t mean they will be tasteless and boring.  It’s easy to give flavor to your meal, whether you want to make it spicy, salty, or sweet.  Pack small containers of condiments to add flavor to your meals.

  • Chili Powder (for the spice lovers)
  • Agave or Stevia (healthy options for the sweet tooth)
  • Dry fruits and Nuts (for toppings and protein)
  • Organic Jerky (without additives)
  • Seasoning Salt
  • Mustard

Bringing your own healthy food with you on drives will ensure that you eat tasty and nutritious food and feel better too!  You will lose weight, improve your overall health, and have more energy and feel alert while driving!

Global Positioning: A Brief History

GPS tracking has become quite an essential part of today’s society. Whether it’s being used to navigate across the country, Monitor valuables, or simply to keep tabs on our kids, it’s undeniable that we rely on this service far more than we’re aware of. But when did this GPS technology come to be? How did it happen?

According to NASA, the history of GPS can be traced back to the 1950s when scientists noticed the radio signal frequencies transmitted by the Sputnik satellite increased as it neared and decreased as it moved away. This started an idea and became a catalyst for one of the most important technologies of the 20th century.

Fast forward to the 1970s when the U.S. Department of Defense designed what is now known as the GPS Satellite Navigation system. Back then, it started out as a global navigation system designed strictly for military air and land-based.

GPS was designed mainly for the military but they also include some capabilities that could benefit the civilian population. The satellites can transmit both encrypted and non-encrypted signals, which the latter can be detected in both military and civilian GPS receivers. The signal for civilians is referred to as C/A (Coarse Acquisition) code signal.

By the late 1990s, President Clinton ordered the SA (Selective Availability) degradation of the civilian GPS signal to be removed having realized it’s benefits to the civilian community. This opens the doors for you and me to use GPS for automotive tracking, fleet management, asset tracking and many more…

Today, companies such as Matrack Incorporated can do more than just track vehicles. They can also monitor driving behaviors which can save fleet operators thousands of dollars each year, improves efficiency and not to mention, save them a lot of headaches from paper works.

Matrack Incorporated Partners Up With BLINK Roadside!


Having your vehicle break down while on the road can create a sense of total helplessness. Unforeseen circumstances like deadlines and difficult weather can make this even more painful. but this doesn’t have to be a problem. Matrack, a leader in GPS technologies partnered with BLINK, an established name in the on-demand roadside assistance to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

BLINK is an established leader and one of the nation’s largest, covering over 99.4% of zip codes. Unsurpassed and with seasoned expertise, BLINK handles over 10 million roadside events each year. BLINK’s “Uber-like” Cellphone platform assures that you will be helped effectively and in a timely fashion. Now with Matrack’s partnership with BLINK, we are bringing you this service with a discounted rate of 40% when you sign up with Matrack Inc.

Service Features:

  • Tow Services
  • Jumpstart Services
  • Tire Change Services
  • Lock-out Support Services
  • Fuel Delivery Services
  • Roadside Winching Services

Anything can happen in the blink of an eye! Having two established leaders on your side can get you back on the road quickly and effortlessly.
Get in touch with Matrack today to know more.  Contact us today at:

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Act Fast To Protect Your Assets

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there are around 5000 boat thefts per year.  The Boat Owners Association of the United States (Boats US) notes that thefts are always one of the top 10 insurance claims and often– are total losses. As for motorcycles, the National Crime Bureau reports 1 motorcycle is stolen every 11 minutes across the country and only 30% of them are ever recovered.  Bicycle theft is on the rise, according to FBI statistics.  The increasing popularity of bicycling as a sport and a means of transportation have made bicycles an easy target for thieves.  It is estimated that over 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year.  In all, the FBI averages that about $6 billion dollars were lost to motor theft in 2017. The average loss per theft was $7,708.

Possessions such as boats, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, RV’s and trailers are precious to us.  We use them for our practical daily transportation needs and also for spending time quality time with our spouse, children, and friends.  Countless memorable vacations and relaxing moments are spent out on the lake in our boat, taking cross country road trips in our RV’s and cars, or mountain biking through the hills.  We rely on them for our livelihood, recreation, relaxation, exercise, travel, and more.  The reality is though, most of the time, these possessions have been acquired through tiresome hard work and endless savings.  If we don’t protect our assets well, we risk losing invaluable belongings and cherished time with our loved ones.

While all of the statistics of theft seem daunting, Matrack has developed an affordable and consumer-friendly product to protect your assets.  By using Matrack’s MA-Asset Classic, the world’s most compact asset tracker, you can make sure that you won’t lose any money on your hard earned assets.  This GPS tracking device is both weatherproof and water resistant, which is a must for this time of year.  You will receive SMS alerts and can even set up geofencing with the device.  The battery life is for 3 years so you can rest assured that you can keep all your assets safe all year long.  Don’t risk losing what you have worked so hard to get.  Protect your assets and share and enjoy them for generations to come.