How do truck fleet management solutions improve operational efficiency? [A guide]

Truck Fleet management solution is all it takes for trucking companies to make the journey between staying operational to growing profitably. Moreover, one of the most important resources – the trucks – be it medium or heavy-duty trucks, are expensive and need to be maintained and utilized to make the most of them. Even for light-duty fleet vehicles these system can be of great help. With a fully functional, monitored, and managed fleet, you can make boost the performance of your business operations in no time, and also grow financially.

A good truck fleet management solution will offer you a whole lot more than simply tracking the location of your assets – it will give you a bird-eye view of all operational verticals, and help you improve the weaker parts of it. In addition to giving you unbridled access to an abundance of useful and relevant data, a good truck fleet management system will help you take care of the basic needs of your operation, and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Why do you need a truck fleet management solution?

The answer is surprisingly straightforward. If you have more than two trucks in your fleet and want to ensure that they are being used with optimum capacity, you need a truck fleet management solution. But if this doesn’t convince you, then let’s take a look at this list below, and even if one of these strikes close to home, you know what you need.

  • You want to make the most of your resources- trucks and drivers
  • You want to comply with regulations and rules
  • You want to secure your trucks, drivers, and the load they carry
  • You want to elongate the life of your trucks
  • You want to create a safer work environment for your drivers
  • You want to save money – on fuel, insurance, maintenance, fines
  • You want more profits
  • You want to grow your business

Now you might think, that a GPS tracking solution or an Electronic Logging Device will help you achieve some of the aforementioned goals. However, a truck fleet management solution includes GPS tracking, ELD, along with a host of value-inducing features that help you take your business up a notch. 

Choosing the right vendor for your trucking fleet

Once you have decided to go for a comprehensive fleet management solution for your trucks, the next step is to find the one that can accommodate your needs. Given the role of the transportation industry and truck fleets in keeping a country’s economy intact, the industry for fleet management services is huge. Several vendors offer a variety of solutions and products, catering to every small need of a truck fleet manager, no matter the size of the fleet.

Interestingly, if you have already identified the areas of your fleet that need improvement, and zeroed in on the amount of financial commitment you can make, half the job is already done. Based on these requirements, you can easily shortlist the truck fleet, management vendor.

To further narrow down the list, you can consider the following aspects:

Cost of device and subscription terms

Some vendors offer a great deal on truck GPS tracking devices; however, the monthly subscription is something you must look out for. Several vendors also offer low monthly subscriptions but may require you to sign a longer-term (at least 3 years) contract. Although a long-term contract might sound attractive, it actually binds you to make continual payments for assets, in this case, trucks, that you may no longer own after a year of such contract. It is better to look for vendors like Matrack Inc. that offer complete freedom with their pay-as-you-go subscription.


When it comes to features, there are two ways to go. You can either opt for a full-stacked fleet management solution or go for a custom-made one. Most truck fleet management services are designed to offer a wholesome experience. They include basic tracking needs to complicated fuel tax reports. Although getting a broad spectrum and fully loaded solution sounds good, it may just complicate things for you. Nevertheless, whichever option you choose will depend on one thing – its cost.

Device specification

Fleets of trucks carry their load through various kinds of terrain and have to witness some really harsh weather conditions. So, if you are really going to put the responsibility of the safety of your medium or heavy-duty trucks on small-sized GPS trackers or GPS-enabled ELDs, they must be able to withstand similar conditions. Opting for a weatherproof and rust-proof, sturdy tracking device that offers unceasing 4G/5G connectivity and has a long battery life, along with a good backup is advisable.

Safety features

A comprehensive truck fleet management solution must have some top-quality safety features like real-time tracking, immediate alerts, safe-zone notification, tow alerts, unsafe driving alerts, and more. Several vendors also include dashcam in their service package that not only allows the fleet managers to keep a tab on their drivers’ driving behavior and adherence to regulations but also offer appropriate evidence of responsibility in case of accidents.


It’s a given that fleet management solutions allow you to efficiently manage your trucks and other assets. However, one of the biggest advantages is economizing your operations – which means you can get done more without having to pay anything extra. Also, with route optimization, reducing idle time, regular maintenance alerts, and minimizing fuel consumption, truck fleet management will help you in reducing operating costs and improve profitability.

Customer Satisfaction

This is again two-fold. One is the experience you give your customers with timely updates and added safety of their assets. And the second is the customer support your fleet management vendor offers. Now, the transport industry never sleeps. You never know when you might need tech support for device failure or aggressive tracking activation for lost or stolen trucks, or roadside assistance for broken down vehicles. So, you need a fleet management service provider that is awake with you – 24/7.

Matrack Truck Fleet Management Solution

Matrack is a well-known name in the fleet industry. Matrack solutions are simple and easy to use and come with an effective platform to monitor trucks, drivers, and other valuable assets. Truck fleets and drivers can access accurate and vital intelligence and reports to boost their performance, safety, efficiency, as well as customer satisfaction.

Here is what you get with Matrack Truck Fleet Management Solution:

The Hardware

Matrack’s expertise lies in their own-manufactured devices – wired and wireless GPS trackers, FMCSA-approved ELD, dashcams, and more. The devices are designed to be convenient and hassle-free; once installed you do not have to worry about them at all. All the GPS trackers and ELDs have excellent durability, long battery life, and are tamper-free. Also, one of the reasons that make Matrack devices popular amongst fleet enthusiasts is their affordable cost – the devices are manufactured by the vendor, thereby eliminating the middleman and extra costs.

The Platform

Matrack’s Platform is no less than a wizard or a genie, granting all your fleet management wishes with a click. You can access the platform either through the website or through the app on the device of your choice. It can also be integrated with Alexa. One neat feature – voice-enabled status change, which makes it easier for drivers to make changes effortlessly.

The AI-integrated platform is where you can access all the data that the hardware devices collect. You can create groups and sub-groups and also delegate authority to access data accordingly. The platform also allows you to track your trucks, check the mileage, driver’s HoS, fuel usage, estimated time of arrival, and more – all in real-time.

How does the Matrack truck fleet hardware and platform help you?

Equipped with all these data, you can easily locate your resources, and allot their jobs accordingly. You can track the idle time or the extra time is taken (wasted!) in the loading /unloading docks, and optimize the route to get the most out of a driver’s allotted and approved working hours.

Through Geofence, you can ensure that your trucks are traveling on the predetermined route and there is no unauthorized use of your truck. You can also automatically set up a virtual fence around accident-prone zones or towing yards, and get notified whenever your truck is in these areas. You can ask the drivers to be vigilant, to safeguard them.

Real-time location tracking has proved to be an unparallel tool for fleet managers. The application of this data is vast and has helped transform several businesses. For truck fleet managers, knowing where the truck is at all times allows them to allot jobs, reroute in case of unforeseen events, send proximity alerts to clients, and most importantly send help to the drivers in case of emergencies. If in any unfortunate circumstance, the truck is lost, stolen, or meets with an accident, fleet managers can take quick action and minimize the loss. Matrack offers Roadside assistance and Aggressive tracking precisely for tackling these problems.

In Matrack Truck Fleet Management Solution, the hardware and the platform work in tandem – once collecting the data, and the other creating insights and reports that are useful to streamline operations. For example, based on engine running time, mileage traveled, and driving reports, fleet managers can create a proper maintenance schedule for the trucks, and avoid recurrent expensive wear and tear costs.

Fleet managers can also set up alerts for unsafe driving such as hard braking, traffic rule violations, speed limit violations. Based on this, they can train and motivate the drivers to adhere to best driving practices for their and trucks’ safety.

One another important aspect of current truck fleet management is compliance. The FMCSA and DoT have stringent rules for Hours of Service and levy heavy fines for non-compliance. Matrack’s truck fleet management comes with GPS-enabled ELD, which is approved by the FMCSA. The ELD is accurate, tamper-proof, and collects data automatically, leaving no room for error.

Matrack Truck Fleet Management – Add-on Services

When Matrack says that its truck fleet management is comprehensive, they really mean it. Along with real-time GPS tracking, ELD, integrated platform, and asset and trailer management, fleet managers also get access to various additional services.

PostOnce Load Boards

An exclusive service for all Matrack clients, the PostOnce load board service helps you partner with relevant loads/jobs, ensuring that your truck’s capacity is used to the fullest. Instead of looking for jobs and loads all over the internet or through your connections, you can simply post your requirement and preferences on the PostOnce load board, and get matched with the perfect partner.

Weigh Station Bypass

Get automated, hands-free notifications and weigh-station bypass clearance to save time, fuel, and money with the Matrack truck fleet management solution.  With this additional service, you can automatically support and help improve the safety of the entire community of truckers.

Matrack offers a TWO-IN-ONE solution

Want to save on fuel? Matrack has the best way to manage fuel and maintenance expenses for your business vehicles with Amex Cashflow Fuel Card. With no hidden fees, this card’s TWO-IN-ONE solution supplements your business cash flow in several ways. With this solution, you can get flexible cash flow with 60-day repayment without any interest, as well as a longer repayment option with zero cost, thereby replacing the need for factoring. This solution helps you eliminate 3-10% factoring fees. And the best part is that the more you use this card, the more spending limit you get, without affecting your credit score.

Matrack Oil Change

Matrack also has a door-step oil change facility. As soon as your fleet solution intimates you about required maintenance, you can get an oil change from Matrack, wherever you are.

Why Choose Matrack Truck Fleet Management Solution?

As discussed above, Matrack covers a wide range of truck fleet management needs and offers solutions for everything you need to manage your truck fleet and drivers, while ensuring complete compliance and safety. Apart from the devices and the platform, Matrack also offers lucrative deals and affordable services. Let’s take a look:

Enterprise Solution

Matrack assures 99.99% uptime in truck fleet operations and connects and simplifies operations to improve accuracy, reduce operating costs, increase productivity and provide unparalleled vehicular data.

Free Demo

You can try any of the Matrack products for FREE for a month and pay only when you are completely satisfied.

No Contract

Matrack does not believe in binding its clients in unnecessary long-term contracts. You can choose the duration for which you want to use their products and services, and pay only for what you get. You can easily deactivate or reactivate any of their services through their web portal and application. There are no other activation, deactivation, or hidden charges involved.

Lowest subscription

Matrack is one of the most affordable truck fleet management solution providers in the industry. The lowest fleet solution subscription starts at only $7/per month.

Lifetime Warranty

Matrack manufactures all its products. The devices are carefully crafted to be strong and reliable. This is why all Matrack products come with a lifetime warranty.

30-day moneyback guarantee

Matrack offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee in the case for any reason you no longer need the device and subscription. However, this is applicable only for the first 30-days of activation of service.

Easy Installation

All Matrack devices are Easy to Install and do not require any expert help. In case you do need any support, there are several tutorials and guides available on their portal.

4G & Wi-Fi Connectivity

Matrack devices are compatible with all 4G and Wi-fi connections, thereby ensuring continual connection and data availability.

24/7 Customer support

Matrack has a dedicated team of tech experts who are available round the clock through various channels. You can email them, call them, and even have a chat through the chatbot. Matrack is extremely keen on providing excellent customer support and maintains long relationships with all its users. Contact anytime, anywhere.

With the Matrack truck fleet management solution, you get to streamline your fleet operations, simplify compliance, and improve customer service. Matrack gives you real-time vehicle tracking and performance data, thereby giving you greater visibility over your entire truck fleet operation all in one place. You can easily locate assets, trucks, drivers, trailers, equipment, and optimize dispatch routes for smooth workflows. From efficiently organizing operations to maximizing the availability of resources, Matrack’s truck fleet solutions can boost your business productivity and profitability.

Best GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions for Small Businesses in 2022

GPS technology has become a household name. What began as only a location tracking system, has now completely changed how various businesses and industries function. In simpler terms, GPS tracking has made it easier to manage day-to-day operations, allowing business owners and managers to focus their energies on other priorities. Together with cloud and automated solutions, GPS fleet tracking has proved to be a beneficial investment, especially for small businesses.

When we talk about GPS fleet tracking, we don’t just mean a solution that lets you know the location of whatever it is that you are tracking. A Fleet tracking system is actually a combination of hardware (GPS device), software (platform), and an application (dashboard). The device is connected to the vehicle or asset and collects valuable data regarding its location, engine status, run-time, mileage, fuel consumption, as well as vehicle diagnostics. The software or fleet tracking platform records this data and creates meaningful reports and insights like driving behavior, maintenance requirements, route optimization, fuel tax calculation, and more. The application or dashboard is basically a tool for the user to access all information and make informed decisions.

What do you need to know about fleet tracking for your small business?

  • With a small business fleet tracking solution, you get the precise real-time location data of the vehicle through a GPS device. This device also collects vehicle performance and diagnostic reports allowing you to make informed decisions regarding fuel, maintenance, and driver training.
  • Once the device has been installed, it collects the data and transmits it to the software application that evaluates the data and generates useful reports that are easy to understand and record. For this purpose, small business fleet managers prefer hardwired GPS trackers with three-wire installation to engine, power, and ground sources. Hardwired GPS trackers are best for small businesses as they are usually tamper-free and can withstand rough terrain and unfavorable weather conditions.
  • If a primary requirement of your small business is location tracking, you can also choose plug-and-play devices that can be connected to the OBD II port of the engine. These are cheaper than the hardwired option, are extremely easy to install, and are best for fleets that keep changing vehicles frequently.
  • Small business GPS fleet tracking systems are an all-inclusive extension of GPS tracking for fleet vehicles and include information and records of fuel purchases and consumption, maintenance and repairs schedule, compliance and related documentation, as well as IFTA calculation
  • Vehicle fleet tracking applies and is used by small businesses from different sectors and industries. Any business that requires vehicles for any part of its operations can benefit from these solutions.
  • Vehicle tracking is a necessity for small businesses looking to reducing operational costs and increase productivity and efficiency. Even if your fleet has 2 or more vehicles, you can opt for a good GPS-enabled tracking system.

How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Benefit Small Businesses?

Most small businesses have their own set of challenges. They have lesser resources and a small budget. Small businesses might have fewer vehicles, but they do require proper management. However, because of the lesser number of vehicles and the cost of fleet tracking, small businesses have to struggle with reaching a breakeven point.

Several regulations like compliance with HoS, implementation of ELD, and more are the same for the entire fleet industry, no matter what the size of the business. Small businesses that already struggle with generating enough revenue to keep operating also have to adhere to these regulations.

Currently, the fleet management market has grown exponentially, and according to Global Market Insights, the industry will cross $56 billion by 2026. This is sole because of the multi-fold benefits that fleet tracking has for businesses of all sizes.

How do GPS vehicle and fleet tracking benefit small businesses?

  • Safety: We have already learned that GPS-enabled fleet tracking solutions offer real-time location. This allows you to keep track of where your resources are and ensure their safety. While you are sitting in your office, your vehicle/asset and staff are out in the road. If they get into an accident or your vehicle breaks down, you can easily get them the help they need. In case your vehicle/asset is stolen, you can also quickly recover it and minimize the loss.
  • Driving behavior: The new-age intuitive and smart GPS solutions also record driving behavior like hard braking, speeding, and more. As a small business owner, you can use this information to train your employees in better and safer driving practices. It will keep them and your vehicle safe, and also avoid any traffic or other regulatory violation. 
  • Efficiency: The one thing that has made fleet management solutions popular is that they make your work efficient. From managing routes, reports on violations, workforce and workflow management, security, consumer satisfaction, scheduling maintenance, and more, a fleet tracking system can completely optimize small businesses operate. It can help them achieve the best ROI with the minimal resources they have.
  • Economical: For small businesses, any new investment they make must pay back tenfold. Fleet tracking does that and more. It saves money as well as time, taking care of the most basic requirements for a functional business so that the owners and managers can focus their energies on improving their growth. Fleet tracking can help save on fuel expenses, eliminate the chance of paying fines, increase customer satisfaction, and get you better and more business. Also, a good fleet tracking that safeguards your vehicle and assets can help you save on insurance premiums as well.

We have carefully researched and curated a list of the 5 best GPS tracking solutions that can benefit your small business. However, before you choose, here are some criteria you must consider while choosing the best GPS tracking solution for your business:

  • Customized solution based on the size of your fleet and your tracking requirements.
  • Choice of devices being offered – wired and wireless.
  • Compliance
  • Installation support
  • User-centric platform with a comprehensive solution – reports, alerts and notifications, integration support, accessibility, ease of use, intuition.
  • Economical – affordable device and subscription
  • Contract duration – best if there is no contract or obligation
  • Customer support – look for 24/7 customer support
  • Coverage and connectivity
  • Device specification – build, battery life, device life, warranty

Best 5 GPS Tracking Solution for small businesses

1. Matrack GPS Tracking Solution

Matrack GPS Tracking Solution

With over a decade of experience, Matrack has perfected its GPS-enabled solutions that can be used by businesses of any size. Matrack offers a range of business-boosting tracking services for fleets – asset and trailer tracking, ELD, dealership, ATV, and boat. Matrack GPS devices come in both – wired and wireless specifications. 

Along with real-time GPS tracking devices, Matrack also offers a plethora of fleet management services that offer full visibility in your fleet operations. You can timely organize, schedule, and assign jobs and help propel the profitability of small businesses through GPS tracking. For vehicle tracking for small businesses, Matrack offers real-time location, engine and vehicle diagnostics, route management, driving reports, fuel expense management, idle time management, geofencing, and several other features.

Matrack GPS tracking solution for small businesses also has safety and compliance features that help you maintain CSR rating, get better consignments, and also get discount premium on insurance. The company also has an exclusive fuel card with a factoring service, thereby reducing your expenses at various operational levels.

Matrack is ideal for small business GPS tracking needs because they are affordable, and you pay what you get. There are no contracts, no cancellation, or activation fees. Moreover, Matrack GPS tracking devices are accurate and precise, support 4G tracks, and offer coverage all over the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Matrack also has an aggressive tracking mode feature, that can be activated in case of emergencies. The company also has round-the-clock customer support through various channels.

Overall, Matrack is recommended GPS tracking solution for small businesses from various industries because it is truly a one-stop solution for all vehicle tracking needs. 

Features and Pros:

  • Enterprise Solution with 99.99% uptime
  • Telematics solution for fleets – bikes, cars, trucks, ATV, Boats, and more
  • Comprehensive Fleet Management, including asset tracking, ELD, IFTA calculation, Trailer tracking, Safety Management, Geofence, Dealership Solution, Weigh Station Bypass, and Fuel Card
  • Compact and sturdy GPS devices with precise GPS location
  • Easy Installation
  • Integrated Companion App – compatible with all android and iOS devices
  • 4G, Wi-Fi, Alexa Integration
  • Voice-enabled status change
  • Lowest subscription @$7 per month (customized as per solution)


  • Does not offer worldwide coverage

2. GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit can be described as an “Excellent GPS tracking solution for small businesses at an affordable rate”. With a month-to-month contract and a 30-day money-back guarantee, GPS Trackit is a favorite choice amongst first-time vehicle GPS tracking users, as well as those who want to shift to a relevant service provider with lower rates.

Although affordable, GPS Trackit surprisingly offers a wide range of tracking and fleet management services like driver safety, maintenance reports, fuel reports, route optimization, and more. Like Matrack, GPS Trackit also offers a fuel card solution that allows small businesses to keep a closer track of fuel expenses, and avoid misuse.

For GPS-enabled vehicle tracking needs of small businesses, GPS Trackit has several devices to offer – OBD II port device, ELD, and two hardwired devices, dual dash cameras, asset tracker, and trailer tracker. The devices are priced at a comparatively economical price and offer precise location. One thing that needs mentioning here is that company-assisted installation is chargeable, however, these devices are easy to install and don’t need expert handling.

If you are a small business owner and new to GPS tracking devices and related solutions, GPS Trackit is a good place to start. 

Features and Pros: 

  • Cloud-based platform
  • All-inclusive solution – fleet management, asset tracking, ELD compliance, construction fleets, service fleets, and more.
  • The solution features like driving behavior management, monitoring fuel consumption, real-time alerts, and notifications
  • Easy to use software
  • Easy installation
  • Month-to-month subscription, No Contracts
  • Affordable devices
  • Excellent customer support


  • Installation charges are extra, not included in device cost

3. Azuga

Azuga for small business

Although the company offers various tracking services, the Azuga GPS tracking solution is best for small businesses that deal in heavy-duty machinery and other assets like construction equipment, storage containers, trailers, and more.

Azuga’s GPS tracking solutions are driver-safety-centric. They focus on ensuring safe driving by monitoring incidents of speeding, hard braking, deviation from pre-set route, unnecessary idling, and more. Users and managers can also avail of the Geofencing feature, and create virtual boundaries around their offices and shipment delivery address/ destination to avoid unauthorized use of business assets.

Apart from asset tracking hardware and software, Azuga also offers a compatible dashcam. The footage from the dashcam can be used in monitoring and training the drivers as well as decide accountability in case of any mishap. Because of the asset tracker and dashcam features, Azuga customers can get discounts on insurance premiums.

Azuga has customized pricing based on the client’s requirement – a type of asset or vehicle that needs tracking, and the number of assets/vehicles. Our research indicates that Azuga is best for small business asset tracking needs.

Features and Pros: 

  • End-to-end Fleet Management Solution
  • Focus on driver safety
  • Asset tracking, ELD, Dashcams
  • Rechargeable Asset trackers with good battery back-up
  • Various alerts and notifications for easier management
  • Customized solution based on fleet size and type 


  • Coverage can be weak in certain areas
  • Long term contracts

4. Samsara

Samsara fleet tracking

Samsara is widely recognized as one of the best GPS tracking services providers for vehicle tracking as well as for small businesses. The company offers customizable contracts, an easy-to-use, intuitive platform along with real-time tracking. One thing that differentiates Samsara from other fleet management solution providers is its third-gen integration capabilities, which allows users to integrate it with third-party platforms as well.

Like its contemporaries, Samsara devices are also compact and made to withstand forces of nature. They support 4G connectivity, covering the US and several European countries. The devices offer real-time precision location tracking, route optimization, complete and thorough visibility for your small business tracking needs

The all-in-one fleet tracking solution for vehicle and business tracking by Samsara is available at custom pricing. Based on the type of fleet – car, bus, trailer, or other, and also on the number of assets/vehicles in the fleet, the pricing for services can vary

Features and Pros:

  • Cloud Platform
  • Intelligent API allows 3rd party platform integration
  • Custom solution and custom pricing
  • Real-time GPS tracking and Geofencing
  • Coverage in the USA and several European countries
  • Best for fleets of small businesses of any kind


  • Long-term contracts
  • Minimum 3+ vehicle limit

5. Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman GPS tracking solution

Small businesses need a lot of reports to identify and understand the areas that need improvement to increase the overall profitability and efficiency. This is why Teletrac Navman is on our list. Their fleet management platform is user-centric, allowing you to collect and generate reports relevant to you. You can easily look for fuel consumption report on one or all of your vehicles, in one place. Their intuitive AI-enabled platform is accessible through any device – computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone. 

Teletrac Navman is also known for robust devices with 4G compatibility. The hardware is easy to install and is ready to use within minutes. The device can collect a wide range of information – real-time tracking, vehicle diagnostics, engine on and off status, unsafe driving incidences, and more. Users can create preset criteria and get instant alerts for those incidences.

The company does not disclose the pricing for its devices and services. Users can get a quote based on their small business tracking needs. 

Features and Pros:

  • AI-enabled fleet management platform
  • Custom reports
  • Instant Alerts and notifications
  • Allows integration of the various solution
  • Offers Wired and wireless devices


  • Long term contracts
  • Can be expensive for small businesses 

Final Word

Small businesses can be hugely benefitted if they adopt a good GPS-enabled fleet and vehicle tracking solution, that works for them. These solutions can help small businesses reach goals easily and efficiently. With a suitable tracking solution, small businesses can boost their profitability and improve overall business functions. 

What is Vehicle Fleet Management?

What is Vehicle Fleet Management? 

Managing a fleet without the right resources can be quite a tedious task. As customer expectations keep rising, vehicle fleet owners, operators, and managers must meet those expectations while also cost-effectively maximizing their profits. Not only do vehicle fleet management solutions oversee and manage vehicles but also increase the productivity of the fleet and enhance business operations in the long run, making your organization a reliable choice for customers and drivers too. The activities and jobs undertaken by fleet management organizations grow more extensive by the day, demanding a better sense of control to improve operations every day. Apart from business operations, a fleet manager’s duties also include ensuring safe driving practices, stabilizing and increasing driver retention, and ensuring driver safety. 

These days vehicle fleet tracking has become more beneficial as these tracking solutions are backed by strong GPS tech. And when it comes to GPS technology and related products and services, with a custom-made application for managing vehicle fleet tracking, Matrack Inc. is the best choice. Boosting a wide range of services at an affordable price, Matrack now is a popular GPS-enabled vehicle fleet tracking service provider for companies in over three countries. Matrack’s offerings include vehicle fleet tracking, asset tracking, ELD, wired and wireless devices, integrated platforms, easy download applications, dashcams, driver safety, and behavior monitor, fuel tax calculation, exclusive fuel cards, and more.

What is Vehicle Fleet Tracking?

Truck Fleet image Matrack

Vehicle fleet tracking has become an invaluable asset to fleet management companies today. It is essentially a management system that uses GPS to aid the managers in keeping track of the location and operations of their vehicles. Through this feature, managers can see and track their fleets in real-time on a digital map. By monitoring the location and activity of their fleet, managers improve the efficiency and safety protocols of their vehicles and drivers. They get an unprecedented level of independent control over fleets, from the convenience of a mobile phone or laptop. GPS fleet tracking uses telematics technology to collect data from fleet vehicles and assets. The tracking device is attached to the OBD port or via the vehicle’s wiring harness. The fleet tracking system can also be used to make better strategic decisions about fleet operations, such as deciding which vehicle to dispatch, locating the nearest resources, and making smart decisions during an emergency setting.

 Why is Fleet Tracking an essential component of fleet management? 

Fleet tracking brings with it an array of benefits, which have become prerequisites to having a successful fleet management organization. Without these resources, the chances of your fleets functioning properly become less, directly impacting your operations and your costs. Some benefits are discussed below.

Driver safety

Installing a GPS improves the safety of your drivers and vehicles by great margins. The drivers behave more responsibly with the vehicle as they know they are being tracked. Furthermore, in case of an engine breakdown or fuel leak (any emergency, basically) managers can easily call for roadside assistance to help their driver without wasting any time. 

Reduces Costs

By using a vehicle tracker, you eliminate variables like excessive vehicle idling, driver speeding, extra fuel consumption, or even any unauthorized activity. This reduces the cost of fuel that you spend now and then and eliminates unnecessary expenditure. It also reduces insurance costs, as some insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles that come with GPS trackers. 

Saves valuable information

The GPS tracker offers a recorded history of the location, travel time, and routes taken. This can help drivers manage driver time and trip easily. Managers can also keep track of traffic situations and road conditions and take responsible decisions accordingly. It also helps managers and drivers plan routes that will save time as well as money.

Increases customer satisfaction

Using a fleet tracker also increases customer satisfaction and delivers improved customer service. Through this system, you can easily identify the vehicle closest to the service destination and select it for the job or delivery. This can be done using a smartphone or a tablet, making communication easier and more efficient. It also saves a lot of time and increases the speed of services. 

Reduces scope of theft

One of the biggest advantages that come with fleet tracking is the protection it offers in terms of cargo theft. With fleet tracking systems managers can opt for custom-made geofencing services, and alerts when vehicles move out of their assigned locations or operate outside working hours. Even if they receive an alert after the vehicle has been stolen, managers can still share the real-time location of the vehicle with law enforcement authorities to quickly recover it. 

The utilization of resources

Most GPS trackers use telematics technology that gives the managers detailed insights on vehicle activity, fuel consumption, engine idling, etc. in real-time. With all this data that is obtained from the tracking system, it makes it easier for the manager to identify key patterns and areas where improvement is required and where costs can be reduced. This will also help in managing finances better and formulating a budget accordingly. 

What should you consider before choosing a fleet tracking solution?

There are a few factors that come into play while choosing the fleet tracking solution that is right for you. Some of them are listed below. 

Passive tracking and Real-time tracking

There are two types of tracking systems available. While the passive tracking allows the receiver unit to store all data which can be accessed only after the work for the day is done, the latter uses satellite signals to immediately update data in the server. 


The amount of control you get over the tracker and vehicles differs from product to product. You can opt for full control, however the same will be expensive. 


Different types of fleets require different types of features and monitoring. Choose a service that supports your fleets while delivering high-quality results and good-quality hardware. 


If you’re managing a fleet that offers services globally, you may need to opt for a service that can support your needs as well. Even on a local basis, the support services offered by organizations vary from company to company. Look into what they offer and choose one according to your needs. 

With GPS fleet tracking systems, managers can reduce expenses while providing top-notch, good quality services while keeping their employees satisfied as well, resulting in a well-structured and systematic organization to be a part of. 

Why choose Matrack GPS fleet tracking solution?

Matrack Inc. is recognized in the fleet management industry for offering all-comprehensive, customizable fleet management solutions to businesses of all kinds and fleets of all sizes. While our devices are affordable and reasonably priced, we never compromise with quality. We make all our hardware, ensuring that you only get the best solution. 

With us, you get to enjoy our services stress-free. There are no contracts or activation and cancellation fee. You pay month-to-month for the services you have used. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all our hardware. 

Matrack GPS fleet tracking solution incorporates productivity-increasing, time-saving features that allow fleets to manage the workforce and resources with the utmost capability. Here is how our services and products benefit you:

Real-time location

Knowing the real-time location of your vehicles is pivotal and directly influences your operational costs. It also ensures the safety of your resources and workforce. When you know where our vehicle is – at your garage or any loading/unloading dock, or if it is on the road – that information gives you better visibility and helps in assigning the jobs. In case of an emergency like an accident or theft, fleet managers get immediately notified, enabling them to alert the local authorities and send the required help, potentially minimizing the loss. Matrack also has a Roadside Assistance program, available for our fleet solution customers.

Big Savings

Matrack’s GPS fleet tracking solution is a money-saver in countless ways. You can optimize the best route considering traffic, weather conditions, the amount of time it will take for the vehicle to be loaded/unloaded, fuel stops, driver break times, and more. With everything planned efficiently and all the bumps provided for, the solution enables you to save fuel, and use the driver’s working time optimally. The data is recorded automatically ensuring its authenticity, thereby saving the time required for paper documentation. With vehicle diagnostic records, fleet managers can plan for routine maintenance of vehicles, elongating the life of their vehicles.


Geofencing refers to creating a virtual boundary. If the asset or vehicle being tracked through a GPS device, enters or exits this boundary, an alert is sent to the authorized user. For fleets, this feature serves a special purpose. Through Geofencing, fleet owners and managers get an alert when their vehicle is either near a loading dock or near a delivery site, and inform the clients of the estimated time of arrival of the vehicle. It can improve customer satisfaction, and also reduce the time taken to unload.

Alerts and notifications

Matrack devices come with an easy access application, downloadable on any mobile device of choice. The application is designed to tandemly function with all our hardware, and send you alerts and notifications for pre-set incidents like a violation of Hours of Service, fuel levels, next maintenance appointment, unauthorized use of vehicle, bad driving behavior, and more. It helps you to be in constant touch with your driver without having to make numerous calls about absolutely everything. 

Driver safety

Apart from vehicles in the fleet, managers, and owners are also responsible for the drivers. They need to create a safe working environment for the drivers as well as ensure that they are motivated and encouraged to practice safe driving and professional ethics. Matrack’s GPS tracking solution also records unsafe driving data like hard braking, rash driving, unnecessary speeding, and more. With immediate alerts for accidents, they can also ensure that their driver gets all the medical attention on time.

Vehicle and asset recovery

Matrack solutions come from Aggressive Theft tracking mode, which allows for quicker than usual retrieval of stolen goods, you can definitely be assured of reducing losses and damages.


Our fleet tracking solution takes care of all your operational functions and eliminates tedious tasks like paperwork, giving you more time to focus on business verticals that are more important and profitable. You get intelligent reports on idle time, fuel usage, mileage, engine status, and more, giving you useful insights into those sections of your business that can be improved for better productivity. 


According to FMCSA’s ELD rule, all commercial motor vehicles are required to have electronic logging devices to adhere to DoT’s Hours of Service rules. Matrack’s ELDs are GPS-enabled and approved by FMCSA. With us, you get the benefit of being compliant with all the regulations and avoid huge amounts of losses in fines. 

24/7 support

At the heart of Matrack’s success as a leader in vehicle fleet tracking rests our cherished customers. That’s why we have a dedicated team of experts, at your disposal 24 hours a day. Whatever query or problem you have, we assure you of a quick and perfect solution.

You can avail of all the above benefits with Matrack’s OBD Classic Plug-in or Standard/ MA-HW Classic. Our GPS vehicle trackers are easy to install and do not require expert help. The hardware is designed to be sturdy and reliable and can survive any harsh weather conditions and terrain, with absolutely no extra maintenance. You can get real-time precise location with 4G compatible fleet tracking devices.

Our GPS trackers for fleet vehicles – OBD Classic Plug-in, Standard MA-HW Classic, and Weatherproof MA-HW Silver – are all available at a competitive rate. Our subscription plan for these devices is the lowest in the market at $12.95 per month only. There are no extra or hidden charges, you get what you see. There are no contracts, and you can unsubscribe from our services at any time. You also get a lifetime warranty on our devices and a 30-day return policy.

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GPS History: Now and Then

GPS tracking has become quite an essential part of today’s society. Whether it’s being used to navigate across the country, Monitor valuables, or simply to keep tabs on our kids, it’s undeniable that we rely on this service far more than we’re aware of. But when did this GPS technology come to be? How did it happen? According to NASA, GPS has its origins in the Sputnik era when scientists were able to track the satellite with shifts in its radio signal known as the “Doppler Effect.”

“Since then, global positioning systems have had a major impact on the way society lives.” Says AJ Agrawal at  “The technology is relevant in every industry in the world in some capacity. Social media platforms have integrated GPS software to allow for geotagging and location posting. Essentially, GPS technology is making the happenings of the world detectable, capable of being tracked and more preventable.”

Global positioning system applications are generally split into 5 major categories:

  1. Location – determining a position
  2. Navigation – getting from one location to another
  3. Tracking – monitoring object or personal movement
  4. Mapping – creating maps of the world
  5. Timing – bringing precise timing to the world

Some of the applications that GPS systems are currently being used for around the world include mining, aviation, surveying, agriculture, marine, recreation, and military. These days doctors, scientists, farmers, soldiers, pilots, hikers, delivery drivers, sailors, fishermen, dispatchers, athletes, and people from many other walks of life are using GPS systems in ways that make their work more productive, safer, and easier.

What Are GPS Systems Used For?

The applications of global positioning system (GPS) technologies are only limited by our imagination. GPS systems are extremely versatile and can be found in almost any industry sector. They can be used to map forests, help farmers harvest their fields and navigate airplanes on the ground or in the air. GPS systems are used in military applications and by emergency crews to locate people in need of assistance. GPS technologies are often working in many areas that we do not normally consider.

Who Uses GPS?

Some of the applications that GPS systems are currently being used for around the world include mining, aviation, surveying, agriculture, marine, recreation, and military. These days doctors, scientists, farmers, soldiers, pilots, hikers, delivery drivers, sailors, fishermen, dispatchers, athletes, and people from many other walks of life are using GPS systems in ways that make their work more productive, safer, and easier.