How To Optimize Yard Operations By 300% With Matrack Trailer Tracking

Are you unsure about how to use GPS trailer tracking correctly? Do you want to understand how to improve yard operations? In that case, you’ve come to the right place! 

What Does Trailer Tracking Mean? 

It isn’t easy to track mileage when your trailers are on the road. Trailer tracking devices allow you to survey the speed, distance, driver’s activity, and mileage traveled by your trailers. This positional data then transfers to a centralized collection point by either a communication network or a satellite network. This data allows you to find ways to cut costs, conserve fuel, devise fleet solutions, and reduce labor. 

Going through with a trailer tracking solution has many advantages. It offers specific benefits like correct invoicing, better customer service, and trailer utility optimization. If the trailer tracking system is suitable and has a great overall design, it can help you achieve a better ROI. 

Some added benefits of having a real-time tracker include – 

1. Guaranteed Safety Of Assets – The back-office support gets notified in the event of a safety issue. Then, they take immediate action to secure the assets, trailer, and driver. 

2. Theft Recovery – Owners always know where their assets are. If the trailer gets stolen, the police can track down the trailer with the help of real-time data provided by the GPS tracking device. 

3). Speed-Monitoring – Real-time GPS tracking alerts the business owner or fleet manager when the driver exceeds the set speed limit. Speed ​​violations cause more fuel consumption and increase the risk and severity of car accidents. 

4. Downtime – Before the trailer tracking system, fleet managers had a hard time tracking all trailers that had been with their customers for too long after unloading. However, GPS-enabled trailer tracking ensures that the potential for downtime gets reduced, allowing trailers and other valuable assets to function effectively. 

5. Paperwork – Trailer tracking uses GPS technology in a cloud-based application that records everything. Information is organized and stored in the cloud and is always accessible via any mobile device. It saves time, is cost-effective, and is environmentally friendly. Data is also recorded in real-time, eliminating the risk of loss or inconsistency. 

6. Insurance Discounts – Many insurance companies offer discounts to companies that use fleet tracking systems as part of their fleet management. Therefore, these discounts mean even more cost savings.

7. Reduction Of Time Spent On The Road – The tracking system also prevents unnecessary engine idling by employees through constant real-time monitoring. Fleet managers can also find better routes with less traffic or delays due to road construction. It also means less idle driving time, more trips per day, less fuel consumption, and higher productivity.

To read more about the benefits of trailer tracking, read this blog

How Can A Matrack Trailer Tracker Help? 

The Matrack trailer tracker is a GPS tracking device that helps you monitor your trailer. The appealing thing about GPS tracking devices is that they can send unique satellite signals to the receiver. The receiver then processes those signals and displays real-time data on screens. The Matrack Trailer Tracker can help maximize trailer utilization, protection from theft and unauthorized use, streamlined trailer yard utilization, and a food cargo quality check. 

MA-1080 is a GPS trailer tracking device introduced by Matrack harboring great features. It is not only compact but also weatherproof. The battery life lasts three-five years, and the devices have an easy-to-use interface available on smartphones, tablets, etc. This interface allows trailer tracking from any corner of the world. 

Matrack’s MA-4550 is a hardwired weatherproof tracker that stores factual data for up to a year. That makes paperwork easier without losing any vital data. To read more about Matrack’s trailer tracking devices, visit

What Are Yard Operations Or Yard Management Systems? 

Yard Management Systems, also known as YMS, are software solutions developed to keep watch on the movement of the trailers in the yard of an organization or facility. As the connection between transportation and the warehouse, your yard management software can create valuable opportunities for agility and efficiency. Yard Management System provides real-time information about the trailer’s location in the yard, allowing yard workers to move the trailer from staging to the dock to process orders efficiently. 

Yard management is a series of activities aimed at monitoring the passage of cargo in and out. That concerns situations such as – 

  • Planning and implementation of dock loading and unloading procedures, 
  • Tracking assets and their movement, 
  • The regulation of the activity of the trailers in the yard of a production facility, warehouse, or distribution center. 

Let’s take a brief look at one of the most common scenarios. For example, a carrier needs to collect cargo from a warehouse. The specific steps that need to follow are – 

  1. The appointment must be agreed upon and confirmed with the carrier. As a general rule, enter the vehicle data for confirmation here too.
  2. After the trailer arrives, the driver checks in at the gate and possibly goes through the verification process. The driver drops the trailer after getting directed to the parking lot. 
  3. The scout informs the manager or the dock team that the trailer has arrived. 
  4. The scout receives instructions to retrieve the trailer and move it to the dock door. At this point, the cargo is ready for loading. The dockworkers then load the trailer. 
  5. The spotter moves the loaded trailer to the parking lot, where the driver attaches the trailer to the truck. The trailer then checks out at the gate. 

Although this looks simple, each step has several drawbacks that can cause delays or ruin things. Reasonably, a yard management system (YMS) is a software solution that self-regulates these processes. Rather than manually designing and tracking routine yard operations, YMS facilitates planning, assists in monitoring equipment and goods, and provides real-time information for more effective decision-making. 

Recent supply chain disruptions have led many companies to think of ways to streamline their shipyard operations. Yard management software comes in many forms, including warehouse management system add-ons, stand-alone solutions, and self-developed systems. It is crucial to understand and identify the best solution for your business.

Although every business is different, yard management introduces common challenges for every company. These challenges also depend on the size of the yard and the company, products/assets present in the yard, and other factors. Most of them come from manual operations, as per the 2021 Yard Management Industry Report by FourKites. 

Companies have focused on transportation and storage to optimize their processes, leading to a widening gap in technology and efficiency for yard management. COVID-19 caused the trailers to dwell for long periods, changing the focus in 2020. The COVID-19 disruption led to a growing interest in yard improvement. To better understand the implementation of YMS, et’s talk about its primary issues. 

  1. Longer Gate Operations Lead To Queues – The manual check-in and check-out process is often a setback for busy yards, as trailers take too long to get in and out. A queue that stretches along the adjacent streets is created, resulting in fines for the driver, ensuring that sitting on an idle truck wastes time and fuel. 
  2. Asset And Yard Checks Consume Too Much Time – Yard teams take considerable time conducting yard and asset checks, leading to losses. Asset management may not be an issue for small businesses that can see the entire area. However, if you’re managing a large shipyard, you’re probably familiar with this issue. Even if you’re using your fleet or third-party trailer, you need to know where the truck is in the yard at all times and easily find the inventory you need. 
  3. Lack Of Trailer Visibility – It’s just a mess if you don’t know which equipment to use, which truck to load next, or what lies in the yard. Many facilities perform yard checks manually, which is time-consuming and error-prone. And by the end of such inspections, the information is often outdated.
  4. Tracking Shipment/Inventory – Poorly managed inventories are another common problem and cause delays. Failure to find the resources needed on the farm can lead to frustrating schedule disruptions and overtime. Handling perishable cargo can also result in product spoilage and other losses. 

What Are The Opportunities For Optimization After Implementing Yard Management System (YMS)? 

It is necessary to understand the impact investing in the Yard Management System has on your organization. When searching for the right yard management company and solution, you should know what to prioritize. The main advantage of YMS is real-time visibility into automation, synchronization, and operations. It helps organize and control the yard operations from gate entry to loading, unloading, and departure. 

Let’s learn how your business can improve yard operations with the GPS trailer tracking solution from Matrack – 

  1. Reduction In Maintenance Costs – GPS trailer tracking devices send alerts to the technicians to schedule maintenance based on the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR). Tracking shows trailer mileage, service intervals, diagnostics, and error codes. By acting proactively, you can reduce the possibility of costly outages. 
  2. Increased Trailer Use – The utilization report shows low utilization trailers and high-demand areas. You can improve sales by allocating assets to the areas that need them most. It also saves the potential cost of purchasing or leasing new equipment. GPS trailer tracking reduces manual workload, which saves time, leading to increased trips by the trailer. 
  3. Minimized Yard Hunts – GPS trailer tracking shows where the trailer is at all times and simplifies yard checking of locations. The on-site camera complements these checks with past video material. You can also receive proactive alerts to notify you in case of unusual activity in your yard. 
  4. Analyzing And Scheduling – Do you need to make a knowledgeable choice about reducing or expanding trailers? A GPS tracker assists you with that too! It facilitates you to recognize the number of vehicles in use without a doubt and the number of trailers parked. It also offers the correct evaluation of the way tons cash a trailer brings in, in addition to the prices it incurs in a given period. Thus, scheduling becomes effective as well as efficient. 
  5. Automatic detention tracking – Catch-up charges are totaled, except for carriers with a bad experience. Tracking alleviates this costly issue. Real-time GPS data produces automated detention reports for yard managers. Trailer tracking also helps confirm or reject imprisonment invoices and helps in collecting fees.
  6. Protection From Theft – Installing a GPS trailer tracker will not only protect your trailer from theft but also vandalism. Automated notifications alert you about any unauthorized activity of the trailer. Therefore, you can always take quick action against the felon. 
  7. Visibility In Asset Management – Effective performance measurement and inventory management helps enable visibility into yard operations and assets. Avoid wasting your time looking for “lost” trailers around your yard. Organizations have a heightened sense of sight into performance and trailers once they invest in the Matrack GPS Trailer Tracking Solution. 
  8. Increase In Spotter/Guard Efficiency – YMS eliminates the need for wireless communication by significantly reducing spotter travel time. It allows shuttle drivers to receive, accept and confirm travel request execution with the help of GPS trailer tracking devices.

The Future Of Yard And Its Operations 

Global transformation is paving the way for all industries with logistics and data. Although yards are still behind with the guide processes, automation only stands a mile away. IoT, drones, and self-automated cars will quickly alternate the backyard environment. As futuristic as it could sound, it is a well-known fact that many businesses recognize. 

Yard management systems are helpful for both the inventory management team and yard employees who need to find specific pallets, machinery, shipping containers, or even employees. Yards were known as “operational black holes,” but not anymore. Now, they are beneficial assets that save businesses money and time. You can reduce costs, encourage fleet solutions, and improve customer relationships by installing our GPS trailer tracking device. 

Follow these tips and advice to optimize your yard operations effectively! For more information about our products and services, contact us!

How to Prevent Tampering of GPS Tracking Devices (For Your Assets and Vehicles)

GPS trackers can protect your valuable assets and offer tamper-proof safety. 

Want to make your trackers tamper proof and prevent your valuable assets from being stolen or compromised?

More and more frequently customers are removing telematics devices, so you need to be aware of how to protect your assets. 

That’s why we’ve developed ways to keep your assets safe with tamper-proof devices suited to your individual needs. 

There are two types of devices on the market: wired and wireless trackers.

The benefits of wireless trackers is that they are hidden and more tamper resistant—what you can’t see, you can’t tamper with!

Better yet, wireless trackers do not need an external power source, which makes them even more resistant to tampering. 

How Are Wired Devices Tampered With?

For tamper-proof wired devices, customers like you are savvy and know not to disconnect the power, which prevents there being a lapse in power. 

Instead they cut the wire on the engine kill switch so the asset can never be disabled and thus never stolen.

How to get around this?

By using a kill switch tamper-resistant device like the MA BHPH wired tracker!

The MA BHPH wired tracker has a built-in tamper detect which alerts you when the kill switch wire is cut or power to the unit is removed.

Here are some key features of the MA BHPH wired tracker:

– Power failure alert
– Back-up battery
– Aggressive mode when it moves out of a geo-zone
– Tamper Alert when the kill switch wire is cut

How does this work?

We have a sensor that checks for the engine kill wire connection and when it’s disconnected, an alert is automatically generated.

This will notify you immediately so you can track and recover your asset. 

Sign up to get a FREE demo!

Just click on the link below and fill out your details.

You get your choice of a wired or wireless tracker—which are especially tamperproof.

Vintage Trailer Restoration And The Importance Of GPS Tracking

Factors to Consider While Restoring Your Vintage Trailer

Is restoring a vintage trailer a requisite for your next holiday? Are you looking for guidelines while you contemplate on how to go about with redesigning that gorgeous old beauty lying in your backyard?

Read on while we enlist the tips and tricks you could use to decorate your rusty trailer and give you an insight to the necessary steps you need to consider on your revamping journey.

Of course a car trip could definitely make for a comfortable journey but a revamped vintage trailer would sure be luxury on wheels. A little extra comfort never hurt, so it is always an excellent idea to work on that rusty metal cabin and transform it into a stunning holiday home this camping season.

Before you invest your time and money into building your mobile holiday home, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, you need to put the safety of your trailer on priority. Using a good anti-theft device like a GPS tracker could prove to be a wise first step towards vintage trailer safety.

The GPS Tracker for Camping Trailers

There are ample considerations to look into while choosing a good GPS device for your trailer. For example:

  • It is important to compare the cost of installation, cost of device and monthly service charges. Usually service providers offer you an inexpensive device, but hike the monthly charges and vice versa. Therefore, it is important that you compare a few devices before making your purchase.
  • Choose a small sized device as a bulky device may be inconvenient to use. A tiny device is easy to install and requires less space, while big sized devices are easy to spot and are uncomfortable to use. Hence a small device is more hassle free.
  • Make sure your device is user friendly. Check the interface and software when buying a GPS device. A modern and uncomplicated interface would only make it more convenient to keep a tab on your vehicle while on the go.
  • A 24/7 customer care service provider would be an apt choice to make. In case of theft, it is important to have a customer care at your service to report the incident at any time. Immediate assistance with theft is a big plus when such mishaps occur.
  • Your device should send you alerts on your phone. When camping, you cannot carry your trailer on a hike. It would be very beneficial to however have alerts on your phone when you are away from your vintage beauty. This will only reduce unwanted worry and stress about your vehicle being stolen, thus allowing you to enjoy your holiday tension free.
  • Look for a device with good battery life and good coverage. Camping usually happens in the woods, where the network is often flawed. It is indeed crucial to install a device that can catch range in secluded areas too. Compromising on this factor would ruin the purpose of the device altogether. On the other hand, in case of theft, it is a good coverage and battery life of the device that would help with tracing your vehicle. Hence the battery life and coverage are two very important factors to consider before you buy a GPS device.

As reconstructing a trailer requires a lot of investment, a GPS device would only make sure that it all your investment does not go in vain.

Tips and Tricks to Give your Vintage Trailer A Youthful Furnish.

  • Inspecting

Inspect your trailer thoroughly before you put your hands into refurbishing it. Learn the shape and size of your trailer and the amount that needs repair.

  • Sorting

Learn what needs to be changed or replaced and what can be refurbished and reused. Make a list of what needs to be bought out and what can be repaired and put to use. With this list you would be clearer when you start working on the trailer.

  • Budgeting

Decide a budget before you start. Know your pocket and make a realistic budget that is economical and inexpensive. Also keep an account of how much you would want to spend on each section of the trailer. Keep considering the budget while making any new decision on the trailer.

  • Proper Planning

Plan the redecoration well in advance in order to avoid any sort of confusion. Before you start, it is indeed important to have a plan to make the process more organized. Plan the look of the trailer and the theme you choose to have. Plan the colours, interiors and exteriors so that you can proceed with the revamping easily.

  • Raw Material

Know where you are going to purchase your raw material from. This can be challenging but is extremely important too. If you do not have your raw material in place it could hamper your speed of reconstruction. Find inexpensive vendors for raw material as this is the most effective way to be cost efficient.

  • Targets and Deadlines

Keep targets and deadlines. Setting targets can build pressure, but it also gets more work done. Deadlines only speed up the process. Make sure you set targets and deadlines and make an earnest effort to meet them.

  • Hire a designer

 If designing doesn’t come easy to you, a designer could be used to the rescue. Choose an experienced professional to understand your ideas about the look and appearance of your luxury wagon and make a few comparisons so you get the best designer at an affordable price.

A revamped vintage trailer could be a boon when it comes to comfort travelling. It definitely serves as a comfort zone when you are away in the woods camping and hiking. However, you can never rule out the danger of having someone steal your trailer while you are on the go. Therefore a GPS tracking device is the foremost consideration whenever you plan on restoring your vintage beauty. The joy of camping away in your very own vintage trailer is indeed unmatched and so is the joy of having found your stolen trailer by tracking down the thief.

Find the best GPS devices customized as per your requirement with us. For any assistance or additional information on GPS tracker vintage trailer, you could visit us at

Stolen Trailer? Here’s How GPS Trailer Tracking Can Help

Never Let Your Vehicle Robbed Again – GPS Tracker to the Rescue

Do you fear vehicle theft? Is the fear leaving you panicky and sleepless? We’ve got a solution designed for you. The only answer to your problem is GPS trailer tracking.

In a world of cheating and stealing, it’s no surprise to have a stolen truck or trailer at all. However, it is indeed unfortunate to have to face a theft in any business as it is obviously laden with heavy losses. On the other hand it is also important to find a means of avoiding or recovering from the theft. The installation of a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system could serve as the best solution to recover from theft.

A GPS tracker is a game changer in the world of trucking and transportation. It not only helps track down your vehicle but also helps find your vehicle location in case of a robbery.

Here’s a real incident that was easy to solve just because of the GPS trailer tracker.

Robbed trailers with assets are a common happening in the USA today. There have been umpteen numbers of complaints regarding the same. Quite recently, there was a case in Texas of a trailer theft. The thief managed to steal the entire trailer along with the assets, away. The only plus this vehicle possessed was a GPS tracker. The trailer tracking was very easy to trace although it was parked in the backyard of the thief’s house in Houston, Texas. The GPS tracker showed the exact location of the trailer along with assets thus making it very easy for the cops to trace both the criminal and the lost vehicle.

With the simple internet connection and maps, the GPS tracker gives you a real time view of your dispatcher or driver along with his route. This information is easily accessible on the tablet, phone of laptop. The tracker is designed to work in any weather condition and pinpoints the exact location of the vehicle or stolen asset. It is the best trailer tracking solution.

Let us now take a look at the many more benefits this tracking system boon has in store for you.

11 Benefits of the GPS Trailer Tracker

  • The Solution Finder

    GPS trackers offer solutions for almost every valuable asset. Trailer, truck, van, car, you name it – a GPS tracker can be installed in any vehicle in order to track it down.

  • Time Saver

    GPS tracking helps with bettering efficiency of transportation and saving time. Companies that installed the GPS tracker for their fleet saw a significant rise in the total number of service calls completed per day by the designated employee (more than 20%). Time of arrival was also found to be more accurate and customer service became more responsive and efficient. These factors thus amped the business revenue at large proving that a GPS tracker alone could throw ample benefits your way.

  • Cost Efficient

    Installation of a GPS tracker helps reduce fuel expenses. This is made possible as the GPS tracker assigns convenient routes, reduces idling time and speeding which in turn cuts down fuel cost drastically. You could monitor the usage of fuel and find better ways to optimize its usage. You could also learn about the driving behaviour and pattern of your driver. A survey stated that GPS trackers reduced fuel cost by more than 13 % each year.

  • Real Time Tracking

    Real time tracking is also one of the GPS tracker device features which enable you to know where your vehicle is currently and the exact route taken by your vehicle driver to get to the delivery destination. You could also get notifications for the same. In this way you could supervise your vehicle from anywhere. This is a big plus as you can detect your vehicle location and its safety while your fleet is on the run. A GPS tracker will give you immediate access to the vehicles in your fleet along with employee accountability. It also indicates unsafe driving by tracking the speed of the vehicle.

  • Safety

    As speeding vehicles and rash driving account to about 60% of road accidents, a GPS tracker helps reduce this risk as well as keeping your fleet safer while on the road.

  • Service Alerts

    The GPS tracker will also indicate vehicle service reminders helping you track down service cost. The GPS tracker will also give you an insight on your vehicle maintenance requirements as it closely monitors coolant temperature, battery and voltage and diagnoses engine function.

  • The Super Saver

    A random survey stated that fleet vehicle tracking reduced labour cost helping companies save over $5000 annually solely by the use of GPS trackers.
    The tracker also helps with assigning more jobs to an employee on a daily basis thus increasing efficiency and getting more work done on the whole. Ultimately this helps with profit gains as well.

  • Phone Access

    With advanced technology, you can receive notifications on your phone, in case your vehicle is being driven without authorization. This is indeed very helpful in case of theft.

  • No More Paperwork

    As the electronic device records crucial information for you, you also can rule out excessive paperwork and unwanted maintenance of registers.

  • Maintains Records

    You could also review the history of the trip made by any driver in the fleet with the help of the GPS tracking device records.

  • Simple Usage

    Using a GPS tracker is the simplest thing ever. All you need to do is log into the website, use the password and login ID and watch your vehicle being tracked down through satellite communications. The location information is also recorded on your provider’s server as part of the service.
    As technology has advanced to another level altogether, GPS tracking devices play a significant role in this advancement. Real time tracking has managed to wipe away the unwanted chaos about vehicle safety, cheating and dishonesty, cost inefficiency and a lot more. There’s also an app trailer that you can resort to with GPS trailer tracking.
    It is definitely a boon to be able to supervise your fleet while it is on the go, giving you a tighter grip over fleet administration and smoother running of your business.

You could learn more about GPS vehicle tracking, its services and pick a GPS tracking device best suited for your requirements at Matrack Inc

Trailer And Construction Equipment Theft; Statistics and Prevention

Auto, trailer, and construction equipment theft is a growing problem all over the world; and the United States is no exception.  In fact, one motor vehicle theft (including automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles and other vehicles) was reported every 40.9 seconds in the United States in 2017.  About $6 billion total was lost to motor vehicle theft in 2017. 

According to the study done by BSI & TT, The Club Cargo Theft Report of 2018 finds that the United States has the second highest theft rate in Northern America(which includes the following countries; Canada, United States, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, and other Central American countries).  It also finds that 82% of these thefts are from trucks, as opposed to cargo stored at a facility, or being transported by rail, sea, van, etc.  The study also reveals that 66% of thefts occur while the cargo is in transit as opposed to occurring in parking lots, warehouses, gas stations, etc. 

The report concludes that the use of GPS tracking devices in the vehicle/trailer, as well as the use of covert GPS tracking devices within the cargo, are important protocols which should be followed to help prevent theft. 

Farm and construction equipment theft in the United States also continues to be a serious problem.  In 2016 a detailed Equipment Theft Report was done in a joint alliance between the National Equipment Register (NER) and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

The research revealed that annual estimates of the cost of equipment theft vary from about $300 million to $1 billion, with most estimates in the range of $400 million.  It’s estimated that about $300 million was lost due to equipment theft in 2016 alone.   

The top ten states for equipment theft in 2016 were:

  1. Texas with 2,375 theft
  2. North Carolina with 796 thefts
  3. Florida with 763 thefts
  4. California with 694 thefts
  5. Georgia with 577 thefts
  6. South Carolina with 512 thefts
  7. Tennessee with 449 thefts
  8. Oklahoma with 445 thefts
  9. Arkansas with 362 thefts
  10. Alabama with 338 theft

It’s important to note that the top 5 states account for 45% of all thefts in the United States.  Also, the top 10 states account for 63% of all thefts in the country.  In addition, only 21% of the stolen equipment was ever recovered in 2016.  The study also revealed that due to the lack of surveillance of equipment, thieves feel more confident when committing crimes.  In addition, thieves feel safe to even sell the stolen equipment in such nearby places as neighboring counties or states.


While auto, tractor, trailer, farm and construction equipment theft proves to be a consistent problem in the U.S., there is a solution.  The use of gps for construction equipment both in vehicles and on cargo and equipment is essential and helps save dollars, time, and energy otherwise spent trying to recover stolen property.  Not only can GPS tracking devices help you identify and locate stolen property, but they can also help prevent theft in the first place.This can prove to be a big plus in construction fleet management.Know where exactly your trailer is, secure your trailer and cargo and protect your trailer from theft and unauthorized use with trailer GPS tracking devices from

MA-Asset Classic – A Telematics Wonder By Matrack

For over a decade, Matrack Incorporation has been dedicatedly designing tracking and fleet management devices to assist fleet owners, managers, and drivers, all over the country. They are known in the industry for the simple and sophisticated user interface, our round-the-clock service, and cost-effectiveness. The devices are easy to install, and the corresponding application can be downloaded on any device of choice. Most of the existing customers have shared their positive feedback about Matrack and products and service.

We are a trucking company, and we improved our performance since we moved with the Matrack services and their support team. The device covers all our needs, helping to keep our fleet on the road…They are a great team!

MA-Asset Classic is one of the best telematics devices in the industry. It is simple, small in size, and can be attached to any metal surface as it is fitted with five strong magnets. The device is waterproof and can withstand all kinds of adverse and tough conditions, which makes it a popular choice for fleets. MA-Asset Classic comes with long battery life, is compatible with fast data connectivity, assisting in taking quick actions in case of critical safety issues.

Once integrated with the interface, it also sends alerts for preset conditions. For example, fleet managers can input location data for loading/unloading point, and when the trailer reaches these preset points, an alert is sent. This helps in streamlining the process, minimizes downtime, and saves time. It also ensures that the driver can make the deliveries timely.

Trailers are more susceptible to theft and hijacking, and also accidents. Tracking systems like MA-Asset Classic cannot help in avoiding these situations, however, it offers the facility for a quicker response. As soon as the trailer is off its designated route, an alert is sent to the fleet managers, who can then inform the local authorities for appropriate actions. Many fleet management companies agree that using trailer tracking devices help in faster and better recovery of goods.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Matrack and MA-Asset Classic :

  • Maximize utilization of trailer: Fleets are large, and often have a huge number of trailers. There can be trailers on the road or the company’s parking, or just sitting idling at a customer’s warehouse. Keeping a track of all the trailers becomes difficult, and inadvertently effects proper utilization. With trailer tracking, you would know where the trailer is at all times, schedule their route, and make sure that all the trailers are aptly used.
  • Safety of theft and hijacking: Trailer tracking ensures that a trailer is following the preset route. In case there is any discrepancy, caused due to unfortunate events like theft or unauthorized use, an alert is generated. Also, as you can pinpoint the location of the trailer at all times, the recovery of stolen goods becomes easier.
  • Reliability: Trailer tracking improves the overall efficiency of fleet operations.
    MA-Asset Classic can keep historical records of up to 1 year. This assists managers, operators, and drivers in maintaining an authentic, tampering-free log of all trailer activity. This ensures that all the paperwork is correct and reliable.

MA-Asset Classic has been made in compliance with industry standards and has been certified by PTCRB and CC. It allows for multi-user access, and the application can be downloaded from the Apple store and Google Play. With the app, MA-Asset Classic also offers roadside assistance in case of emergency, and alerts are sent via email and SMS.

MA-Asset Classic is the perfect combination of telecommunication and informatics, making it a telematics wonder. For more information on Matrack products and services, click here.

Implementing A Trailer Tracking System

Any fleet management system is incomplete without a proper trailer tracking system. Before getting a tracking system for your fleet it is important to research the market and choose the one that best supports your requirements and goals. Here are a few things you can do for successful implementation of a trailer tracking system:

Know what you need

The market for trailer tracking is vast and offers a variety of features. Therefore, you must know your definite reason – the safety of goods, maintaining temperature for perishables, the safety of the trailer from theft and hijacking, etc. It is always advisable to opt for a trailer tracking system that can be integrated with existing software to avoid the extra cost.

Communication with partners and employees

A change is manageable only when all the parties to the change are aware and ready for it. Talk to your partners and get their insight on the possibility of having a trailer tracking system in place. Also, seek advice and suggestions from your employees, and educate them about how a trailer tracking system will be beneficial to them. An awareness amongst your employees about your goals in the long term and the purpose of implementation of trailer tracking will make the transition easy.

Train the employees

As you get ready to implement the new trailer tracking system, start training your employees simultaneously. Plan an onboarding strategy, and educate the employees and drivers about using the software. This will allow you to give feedback to your trailer tracking service provider, and make the software user-friendly. It is important to let the employees and drivers understand and adapt to the new system, so give them the time they need.

Using the information with discretion

The trailer tracking system, when integrated with other fleet management systems, will give you an insight into driver’s behavior. If you do find any discrepancy, do not be quick to take a drastic decision, rather educate the driver or employees, and make them aware of consequences if their behavior doesn’t change. You would not want to create the notion of the negative impact of your newly adopted technology on your employees.

Trailer tracking devices by Matrack

Matrack incorporation has various solutions for your trailer tracking needs. Our devices MA-1080, MA-4550 and Solar Power Hardwire are the best in the industry and approved by PTCRB and CC.

MA 1080 is simple, compact, and easy to install. It comes with powerful built-in magnets, 3 years of battery life, and faster and better connectivity. Together with its application, MA 1080 can send geofencing alerts, has proactive tracking mode in case of theft or hijacking, and sends location alerts via email and SMS in real time. The device is designed to thrive in harsh conditions and any kind of weather.

Matrack also offers a wide range of fleet and asset tracking devices. All the devices are integrated with a user-friendly platform, available to you on any mobile device of your choice. Once you have installed MA -1080, you are provided user credentials to the platform and can access it anytime, from anywhere around the world. For more information on our products and services, feel free to contact us on +1 (855) 658-7225.

Trailer Tracking And Fleet Management – What’s The Difference?

Trailer tracking and fleet management are often misunderstood to be the same thing, and the terms are used interchangeably. However, there is one huge difference between the two. Trailer tracking is a subset of a much wider system of fleet management. To understand this difference properly, let’s take a look at both of them separately:

Trailer Tracking system is a combination of an electronic device and a computer software. The device is installed in the trailer collects information, which is processed by the software. It allows the owner to track the location of the trailer, along with several other features like geofencing, temperature control, security, and provides real-time data for better execution.

Some of the features of a well-designed Trailer Tracking device like MA-1080 by Matrack Incorporation are:

  • Long-lasting Battery life
  • Supports high-Speed Data
  • Real-time insights
  • Weatherproof
  • Alerts through SMS and Emails
  • Compact in size

Together with a GPS enables cloud-based application and service, the trailer tracking system proves to be most beneficial in case of theft and hijacking and helps in speedy recovery.

Fleet Management, however, is a much broader concept. Apart from being aware of the location of one trailer, a fleet manager has several other responsibilities and duties:

  • Vehicle purchase and replacement
  • Compliance with rules and regulations such as IFTA and ELD, set by local and state authority
  • Maintain an electronic database of drivers, vehicles, trailers, customers, equipment, and labor
  • Plan and schedule routes
  • Provide relevant training and workshops to other employees
  • Manage fuel requirements and maintain cost-effectiveness
  • Optimize the entire fleet operation
  • Ensuring the safety and security of assets and drivers.

Fleet management platforms assist a fleet manager in fulfilling the above-mentioned duties and much more with better efficiency and organization, thereby increasing the ROI. An effective fleet management system is based on the principal of IoT (Internet of things). Electronic Logging devices, generally known as ELD, like Matrack’s MA 3000 are equipped with inbuilt software and sensors are connected to the vehicle or assets through onboard diagnostics. It collects various data like speed, engine status, driving hours, maintenance requirements, and location.

The data is sent to an analytical program that utilizes this information and generates reports for mileage, fuel consumption, safety, and others. MA 3000 also helps in compliance with DOT’s hours with services rules, and as it incorporates Bluetooth technology, managers and fleet owners can be in constant contact with their vehicles.

Trailer Tracking is a vital part of fleet management. Together, they allow managers and owners to operate their fleets at maximum capacity and improve profitability. It also ensures that all assets are utilized properly and maintained periodically. The reports generated are accurate and help in tax compliances and safety protocols. To learn more about increasing your ROI through trailer tracking and Fleet management, contact Matrack Incorporation. We will be happy to get you the perfect tracking solution for your business.

Trailer Tracking – Important Things To Know

Trailer tracking helps in knowing the location of the trailer, even when it is not attached to the truck. With proper tracking system that includes tracking device, communication network, database and backend server support, and also user-friendly interface, trailer tracking can have several benefits. The GPS enabled cloud-based system provides location insights of movable and non-movable trailers in real-time.

Fleet management is a highly overwhelming job, requiring maintenance of schedules of shipment, drivers, availability of vehicles and trailers, along with compliance of an assortment of rules and regulations. Since 2000, the world of telematics has evolved rapidly, providing fleet managers with a wide range of functional solutions to optimize their management. Some of the benefits of having real-time trailer tracking are:

  1. Logistics: Having a trailer tracking system allows for easier logistics, as they provide accurate information on trailer location, allotting downtime, and also scheduling service checks. It also helps you plan the route ahead, which ensures that the deadlines are met, and the customers are happy!
  2. Paperwork: Trailer tracking uses GPS technology with cloud-based applications that keep a record of everything. The information is organized and stored in the cloud and can be accessed via any mobile device at any point in time. It’s time-saving, cost-effective, as well as environment-friendly. It also eliminates the chances of loss or any discrepancy, as the data is recorded in real time. Matrack’s MA-4550 is a weatherproof hardwired tracker that keeps historical data up to one year, making it easier to get the paperwork done without losing any vital data.
  3. Waiting time: Most trailer tracking systems are equipped with geofencing options that allow presetting an alarm on entry or exit to certain geo points. As soon as the trailer is in the vicinity of a loading/unloading depot, an alarm is triggered, and the customer can be made aware of the vehicle’s impending arrival. This ensures that the deck, goods, equipment, and labor is ready to receive the trailer, thereby reducing the detention time.
  4. Downtime: Before the trailer tracking system, fleet managers had a hard time keeping track of all their trailers that were sitting at the customer’s site for too long after having unloaded. But with GPS enabled trailer tracking, the possibility of downtime has surely been minimized, and trailers and other valuable assets can be utilized with better efficiency.
  5. Safety of Assets: Modern day trailer tracking systems come with various functionalities such as monitoring temperature, tire pressure, two-way control for refrigeration for perishable goods, and much more. In case a safety issue arises, the back-office support is alerted, and immediate action is taken to secure the assets, trailer, and the driver.
  6. Recovery: The biggest threat to trailers is theft. But equipped with GPS and geofencing, even if a trailer is hijacked, the exact location in real time is communicated to the support office, who can alert the appropriate authorities. The trailer tracking system has sped up the process of recovery of stolen assets and trailers. Also, as the action is taken instantaneously, the loss is fairly minimized.

Trailer tracking devices such as MA-1080 by Matrack, are compact, have a battery life of 3-5 years, and are also weatherproof. They are GPS enabled and have an easy-to-use interface that is accessible on smartphones, tablets, or any other mobile device of choice. Through the interface, the trailer tracking data can be monitored around the clock, from anywhere in the world.

Implementing a trailer tracking solution has several advantages. It offers optimized trailer utilization, proper invoicing, and better customer service. With a well-designed and suitable trailer tracking system, you can instantly improve fleet management and have greater ROI.

How Asset Tracking Saves You Money?

Asset tracking is a lot of work and can be a pain in the neck. Recording important information such as vehicles and types of equipment you have, maintenance needs, what is in transit, what has been lent out, and trying to keep up with everything, to which most will agree, is a colossal task indeed.

Asset tracking has evolved over the years and if you are using pen and paper, or multiple spreadsheets to manage your equipment, there’s a huge risk that you might overlook a lot of costs in terms of money, time and not to mention keeping up with the competition.

Devices such as Matrack’s Weatherproof Hardwired (a generic name is MA-HW Silver) takes the heavy lifting out of asset tracking management saving you time and money. MA-HW Silver will send you alerts such as overspeeding, Ignition ON/OFF, TOW, Geofence, low battery alerts in real time to your phone as SMS or email alerts. Watch over your assets easily and maximize their efficiency with real-time reports and analysis. Use the information, determine your fleet’s fuel costs and vehicle maintenance needs while having the peace of mind that your drivers are always on task.  This will save you valuable time for audit reports and help keep track of paperwork.

Finally, monitoring and cutting idling can lead to a greatly reduced fuel cost, which is around $5,000 to $12,000 worth of fuel per year! It can also decrease maintenance costs for your fleet by $2,000 per vehicle, per year, and significantly minimize wear and tear.

Matrack understands that Time is Money. 

Want to know how you can save more money? Refer to MaTrack for more details.